IKEA (Open Innovation Challenge)

”The main purpose of the challenge is to establish new ways of creating customer value, that are not possible with current, analog communication carriers, in order to e.g. serve our customers in a better way, enhancing efficiencies in sales, enhancing our value chain and diversifying IKEA customer communication.”

’Seamless’, including new technical features within search e.g. camera and voice to find products or other valuable information along with navigation to elevate the digital shopping experience; from search to payment – everything in one application.

Selected features in the application:

  • Camera
  • Virtual assistant (INGRID)
  • Shopping list (to be shared)
  • Product range
  • Additional zonsystem (NFC)
  • ’Blipp’ (RFID) 
  • Payment

Team: Maja Norrby, Pontus Skåhlberg and Rebecka Blomstedt Linderot.